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Barfleur Armchair

Our handcrafted mighty Barfleur solid Teak Armchair – definitely not for the fainthearted!  Available also in Oak,  Iroko and British Sweet Chestnut.

Barfleur named, as so many of our pieces of furniture are from the mighty ships of bygone days.  For those of you who, whilst understanding the virtues of Teak might be unaware of the origins of how teak became the timber used to create those beautiful old benches you still find dotted around the countryside.

During the great days of sail and the many battles with the French and other countries the major loss of life to British sailors was caused by shards of oak flying about after the decks were hit by cannon balls.  Not as one would suppose by musket balls or hand to had combat.  It was discovered that by using Teak for the decking even the big naval guns were not causing the deaths due to teak’s ability to draw in the explosion, preventing the lethal flying splinters of wood.  At the end of the First World War when it came to breaking the ships the decks were often still in remarkable condition and one use for them was found to be Park Benches.  Further testimony to this wonderful woods durability is as mentioned above, several of these benches still are in daily use today.

All our furniture is hand made using age old techniques, mortice and tenon joints, glued and then screwed.  All the screws all covered by matching dowels.  We ensure the correct screws for the particular timbers, for example teak actually preserves the screws, whereas the natural acids in oak will destroy the traditional iron ones.  So when creating oak furniture we only use high quality stainless steel screws.  As a result a stunning armchair offering style, comfort, created in a way that will last for many years.  Hand made in Great Britain by our master craftsmen.  Who love wood and above all care for and respect our environment.  We all have to nurture the planets dwindling natural resources.

The Barfleur armchair is a monster, very heavy, comfortable and exceptionally durable. Weighing in at approx. 44 kg.   Standard arms support even the heaviest person with ease.  Often specified for care and residential homes where the long lifespan far outweighs the initial cost.   Barfleur ticks every box.

Simple timeless design yet unashamedly stylish. The Barfleur is available in all our standard hardwoods.  Teak is the very finest timber for outdoor furniture being stable and extremely durable, unlike oak which at times can be unstable, warp and split on occasions.

For those of you who prefer a more rustic appearance Oak, a traditional timber used in Britain for centuries is often preferred as it has the appeal of an old home grown timber.  Our supplies when we can obtain them are British.  However these days most oak is sourced from France, Italy, Germany and Croatia.

Iroko is an African hardwood durable, heavy and dense timber very similar to Teak but lacking the natural oils and minerals.  Favoured by local councils for the large chunky park benches and massive picnic tables we use Iroko for our Gladiator and Hadrian sets also our Olympic and Endeavour picnic tables.

British Sweet Chestnut (usually air dried) is sourced from this country and like all our timbers ethically sourced, managed and virtually all FSC Certified.  Sweet Chestnut again offers a rustic appeal, you will see this timber used for sheep and horse fencing, thatched roof pegs and gates.

As with all our handmade furniture remember we can create virtually anything you might have seen or have an eye to designing something for your own garden making your furniture totally unique.



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