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If you are wondering what to do with your Oak garden furniture now that summer is over watch this helpful video.

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A step by step guide to help you buy a memorial bench.

Where do i put my memorial bench?

Many people like to choose a place that was special to their loved one, that could be a place that they liked to fish, their favourite park or even their favourite place in the garden. We always recommend asking permission from whoever owns the land that you want to keep your memorial bench on before ordering your memorial bench. If you are unsure of who that would be you will need to contact your local council and they will be able to help you. If you are choosing a place that hosts a few memorial benches already you may be advised to choose a certain bench design that is similar to the ones already there.

How to choose a memorial bench.

The first thing to look at would be how long you would want your bench to last for. The best hardwood to choose will always be Teak, this has an average life span of 25-75+ years depending on how heavily the bench is used.  Many of our customers like to choose a bench that reflects their loved ones personality. Some options could be the simple and elegant Cleopatra, the contemporary Rhapsody or the chunky heavy weight Barfleur. If you can’t find the exact bench that you would like get in touch and with your help we will design a completely unique bench for you.

What do i put on my memorial bench?

Here the options are endless. You can put the simple and popular used engraved inscription of your loved ones name, You can maybe put something that your loved one always said such as a favourite phrase or saying. To really personalise your memorial bench you could also have a brass plaque fitted, this will allow for more words to be said and you can even include a picture of your loved one.

barfleur engraving 2 Copy memorial bench brass plaque

How long does it take until i receive my memorial bench?

This varies, as our benches are handmade in Britain using traditional methods they will always take a minimum of 10 days to make. In busier seasons March-August it will normally take 8 weeks to receive your memorial bench. In quieter seasons, August-February it will usually take 2-4 weeks to take delivery of your memorial bench.

Who fits the bench?

This will vary depending upon where your bench is placed. For example some cemeteries like to fit their own benches for insurance purposes. Other places are content to let you fit your own bench. If you are unsure of how to do this, let us know when placing your order for a memorial bench and advise us of the type of surface that your bench will be placed on (concrete, grass, tarmac etc) and will fit your bench for you when we deliver.

What do i do next?

Once you, your family, friends or colleagues have ordered the best memorial bench you need do nothing more other than wait to receive a call from ourselves when your memorial bench is nearing completion. We will then try to deliver at a suitable time for you.

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The very best of Home Made Halloween Decorations



1) Home made Hanging Paper Bats. Click for how to make instructions


2) Spooky Spider Ice-cubes Click for how to make instructions


3) Novelty Halloween Glass Surprise : Text can be etched or painted onto the glass.


4) Unique Halloween Candles Click for how to video


5) Painted sign perfect for making your guests jump


6) White card board cut out skulls stuck on to wooden skewers in the garden


7) What a fantastic idea for a table centre piece at your Halloween party Click for edible blood tutorial


8) Halloween treat idea. Fill a latex glove with sweets, blow into glove and quickly tie the top, add spider ring for effect


9) Wonderful apothecary bookcase, perfect if you have a collection of different sized glass bottles to decorate


10) Black and white trick or treat sign made with different colour cardboard makes an eye catching Halloween banner


11) Scare your guests with these home made edible worms Click for video tutorial


12) Perfect to place in a back garden. Cut out part of the centre of an apple and insert tealight


13) Marshmallows placed on skewers ready to be toasted on the bonfire


14) Christmas garland spray painted black and placed over the mantelpiece creates an eerie effect


15) Draw faces onto empty milk cartons and place a glow stick inside for a pumpkin effect


16) Ghost like figure created from packing material and string will really stand out in your garden


17) Pictures replaced in picture frames set a wonderfully spooky scene


18) Set the scene with apples as tea light holders


19) Do you dare go up the stairs with these cardboard cut out mice running around?


20) Drawn faces onto oranges are a great Halloween treat for kids

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Can we please start a little ‘TRADITIONAL’ recipe club?  My mum always used to make a wonderful 1” thick Shortbread, Piccalilli to die for. My dad, Horseradish that made you cry just walking into the room whilst it was being grated on the kitchen table. Ginger Beer a living thing that looked like something from Quatermass on the kitchen windowsill. Pickled eggs that do not look either anaemic or as brown as conkers.  Jamie Oliver and High Fearnley-Whittingstall what’s his name seem, among others to try to sort these traditional dishes so come on folks we have some time before the festive season kicks in let’s create a few jars of real quality pickles to go with our British Cheeses.

As a reward the top 5 recipes each week will receive a Magic bottle holder with my compliments. This will get your friends talking around the table or place on the windowsill as a Red Wine warmer.

97aa066dcc42404e7602768333af5659 M


Magic Bottle Holder Pictured Above

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How to care for Oak garden furniture

In answer to a question that many of our customers ask, our advice will always be not to add any oil or treatment to your oak garden furniture. When we create our solid oak furniture we will always wax the end grains to add extra protection against moisture seeping up into the legs particularly if your garden bench is placed onto a wet ground. Over time, this could be as little as a couple of months right up to a year, your Oak garden furniture colour will fade and turn into a rustic silvery-grey colour which is truly beautiful to look at. The Oak will harden making it incredibly durable and strong.  If you feel like your bench could do with a little tender loving care, to clean, simply wash your bench with warm soapy water and rinse off with a hose or power washer.

As we use Florian Oak which is the best quality Oak that you can get your Oak garden furniture will be around for decades with minimal maintenance. 


For your guide to exquisite outdoor furniture please email to receive your free copy.

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Luxury Custom Made Oak Church Pews

By the 13th century, backless stone benches began to appear in English churches. They moved from the walls to the nave, then became fixed to the floor. Wooden benches replaced the stone ones from the 14th century and became common in the 15th.

Churches were not commonly furnished with permanent pews before the Protestant reformation.The rise of the sermon as a central act of Christian worship, especially in Protestantism, made the pew a standard item of church furniture.

In some churches, pews were installed at the expense of the congregants, and were their personal property; there was no general public seating in the church itself.

Certain areas of the church were considered to be more desirable than others, as they might offer a better view of services or, indeed, might make a certain family or person more prominent or visible to their neighbours during these services. During the late medieval and early modern period, attendance at church was legally compulsory, so the allocation of a church's pews offered a public visualisation of the social hierarchy within the whole parish. At this time many pews had been handed down through families from one generation to the next. Alternatively, wealthier inhabitants often expected more prestigious seating in reward to contribution to the material upkeep of the church, such as the erection of galleries. Disputes over pew ownership were not uncommon. 

Bespoke FSC Oak Bench with its creator John Copy
Custom Made Oak Pew

Looking for a custom made Oak Church Pew?

Here at Solid Oak Hardwood Furniture we are specialists in manufacturing bespoke furniture including long lasting Church Pews. 

Please get in touch with your idea and sizes and we will get back to you asap.

Click for a Quote

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What Type of Garden Do You Have?




The Family Garden



Practical, long lasting and will take just about anything you throw at it,          Warrior 1800 Teak Table with Leviathan Armchairs

 just the thing for gardens that are used by the whole family. Sit back

and enjoy your garden this Summer in comfort.

View Warrior Table



The Cottage Garden


Rustic, Traditional and Pretty are some of the words that have been                                 DSC 0250

used to describe The Hadrian bench. It can be created either straight

or curved to fit exactly into that cosy spot in the garden for functional

and every day use.

View Hadrian Bench



The Terrace Garden


If you have limited outdoor space but you like to entertain your guestsCALYPSO TEAK Folding Table

outdoors when the British weather permits, the Calypso is a must. This

Teak table easily folds away for you to store for those last minute

Al Fresco opportunities.

View Calypso Table



The Grounds


Do you host large outdoor events? Then this is the must have table for

you. This table is made to seat as many guests as you need, and it’s

luxurious finishing touches and colossal size really give any garden theBespoke 4.1 Gladiator1

wow factor.

View Gladiator Table



The Gardening Enthusiast Garden


After spending a hard day potting and planting and growing a variety

of wonderful things there’s no better way to unwind and enjoy all yourrhapsodyrichmondpark

hard work than The Rhapsody bench. It is ergonomically designed for              

comfort and relaxation.

View Rhapsody Bench


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Hi everyone, well what a Summer, long overdue but wonderful.

We have been extremely busy creating a new look that you can see on this site.

Take a look, let us have your thoughts – good or bad. We will reward the most innovative ideas!

Now for all of you in the Home Counties, South East and in fact anywhere!! We are really looking forward to meeting you all at the LANDSCAPE SHOW located at the new BATTERSEA EXHIBITION CENTRE
In London held over two days the 24 and 25 September.

You cannot miss us as you enter we are on your right so chat on the way in. Or sit a while and rest those tired feet on the way out. We look forward to meeting you.

On display will be examples of our stunning British Handmade Teak, Oak and Iroko Garden Furniture. Tables, Chairs, Benches, Coffee Tables with a difference, Memorial Benches in fact a bit of everything!!

A PRIZE DRAW – with a stunning prize worth over £500.00, A SPECIAL OFFER over the two days on SAVANNAH and NIRVANA solid Teak Extending Tables, each with 6 Reclining, Folding Teak Armchairs, a late season deal that will make your visit to Battersea worthwhile.

Tempted? For FREE TICKETS and more information contact

See you there. Karl.

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Holidays are here again............ everyone getting excited, and guess what for once the SUN is around to warm and caress us. Oh what utter bliss.

Go out and enjoy it - what NO TABLE call us quick, NO CHAIRS wave a stick well a wand is preferred, miracles we often perform.

So if you suddenly need some really wonderful furniture CALL on 01429 890808

PS. Do not forget the Sun Cream especially for the kiddies.

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FANTASTIC - STUNNING - BEAUTIFUL, some of the words used by clients recently upon receipt of their BESPOKE GLADIATOR / HADRIAN combination sets.

Created in our Hartlepool factory by our master craftsmen, carefully and lovingly hand finished and sanded to a silky smooth finish giving you sheer luxury, a table and bench set that will become part of your lives for decades.

Extremely heavy and very durable. Gladiator / Hadrian really do knock the spots off all others. Take a look


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Hello everyone today the 10th March with SPRING around the corner ( Silly me, I have just sent out our Spring Newsletter – please click here if you would like a copy ) and guess what it's SNOWING!!

They say England is a green and pleasant land, well someone did. Nowadays I'm not sure if we have global warming, global freezing or global flooding. Hang on yes I am, it's the whole lot usually each and every day!!

I do not know about all you lovely people out there in our cold and winter land, but we just have to be classed as one of mother natures greatest survivors. Banks, Governments, MP's all doing as they please, the Weather, Horsemeat, caught fish all being dumped back into the sea ( go for it Hugh ) Education and the Health Service all going backwards ( my opinion ) HOW DO WE SURVIVE??

Looking out of my office window I have Robins, Blue, Great, Coal and Long Tailed Tits, Gold Finches, Song Thrushes, Blackbirds, Pigeons, Jays, Magpies, Crow sitting on top of the Apple tree, Yellow Hammers, Pheasants and English Partridges all eagerly tucking in to the Niger seeds, Peanuts, Fat Balls, Wheat and the special finch mix all liberally supplied. A large log fire roaring in the hearth and a mug of good old Yorkshire Tea – BLISS?

Now despite all the adversities we face,  you may find the odd little bit of something nice on our site. Will you be changing your garden furniture this year? Creating a special spot in the garden? Putting in a pond? Laying a new Patio? Or purchasing a Handmade Memorial Bench to commemorate a special loved one? If it's a yes to any or indeed if only considering please feel free to call for advice, help or indeed any information you might need. What we don't know we can find for you – all part of our commitment to provide you with a really special, personal experience.

Our Bespoke Handmade furniture is generally regarded as the most substantial on the market today and having been around since 1923 we do at last!! Know what we are doing. HAPPY GARDENING.

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Below are the 5 main reasons why!

1. You purchased cheaply made, far Eastern products?

2. It most probably was not manufactured correctly!

3. It was a 'bargain' to good to be true, and has proved to be!

4. The timber used was young, immature and unseasoned!

5. Staff employed are young, unskilled and often underpaid!

So truthfully what did you really expect? Below are the REAL answers.

1. You purchase 'QUALITY' genuinely British Made products!!

2. We Mortice & Tenon our joints, Screw & Glue then place matching dowels to cover!!

3. A 'BARGAIN' is TOTAL satisfaction, and Peace of Mind!!

4. ALL our Hardwoods are fully mature, seasoned, kiln dried and LEGAL!!

5. Our staff are time served 'ARTISANS' lovers of wood, seekers of PERFECTION and they earn proper wages totally commensurate with their expertise!!

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