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Wood for Solid Oak Hardwood Furniture is carefully chosen from the finest FEQ Grade A Teak. We carry very large stocks of well seasoned mature Teak, this has been in our company stock sometimes for tens of years. We source from only certified, legal suppliers again their legal chain of custody is your guarantee of sustainability.

Our Recycled 100% Teak comes from salvaged beams, pillars etc. in the Far East. We work hard on this to utilise the best qualities of this very expensive, mature and much sought after timber. Currently this is almost impossible to obtain.

The pure oak comes mostly from France, Italy, Germany and sometimes Croatia. This timber is utterly superb, the appearance, durability and longevity do make it a serious contender to teak. It's only drawback is that it is not quite as stable.

Our sweet chestnut is 100% British, sourced from the Duchy of Cornwall woodlands this ticks all the environmental boxes and offers you a totally British product.

The iroko used in our street, park and picnic furniture comes from fully verifiable, traceable and accountable sources in Africa on the Ivory Coast and Ghana. We produce some really fantastic and very heavy tables and bench sets (see our gallery and also the main website). 

(picture left shows very young Teak trees)

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