Rhapsody Teak Companion Set
Rhapsody Teak Companion Set IMGP0243 - Copy Sheraton Teak Lovers Set IMG_0369 love seat lovers set 024email (3)

Companion / Lovers Sets

There is nothing nicer than to sit with the love of your life for those moments when time does not matter.  Tucked away in a quiet corner.  The place in your garden when the early morning sun warms the day or in the evening when you can sit enjoy a snack, a quiet drink and watch the setting sun.

In today’s rather crazy world these treasured moments are what keeps our feet on the ground and reminds us of what does actually matter.  Our Companion / Lovers sets are designed to be either ( depending on the chairs chosen ) easily portable or fairly permanent.

The heaviest being Barfleur then working down Arlanza, Rhapsody, Cleopatra, Leviathan, Lion, Sheraton and the most portable Dalton or Mitford.  All are delivered as three part sets making placement easy.  If required we can supply all fitted together but this makes moving rather difficult.  We also can create straight sets for formal settings where space is the only limitation on the number of chairs and tables required.

Timbers used are Teak, Oak, Chestnut and Iroko all FSC/FEQ or PEFC certified