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Picnic Tables & Sets

Outdoor living, entertaining family and friends – nothing beats the summer days / evenings when those who are closest to us drop in for a get together or you have arranged a Barbecue.  We create some utterly magnificent heavy duty picnic tables from the Nemo for the children, Endeavour and Olympic for the young at heart.  Valiant for the ‘let’s get round and chat’ also a major benefit with Valiant it’s designed to accommodate three wheel chairs.  Finally we have the massive Gladiator / Hadrian sets these are most definitely not for the faint hearted.

As with all our handmade furniture size and materials are down to you.  Iroko is the standard timber used, but Oak, Teak and Chestnut are alternatives if required.  standard sizes and prices are detailed below.

Nemo             Length 1200, Width 1000, Height 560  £320.00

Endeavour    Length 1500,  Width 1640, Height 710   £665.00

Olympic         1800  £995.00  –  2100   £1,075.00  –  2400   £1,180.00

Valiant                      £1,345.00

Gladiator       1800  £1,235.00  –  2100   £1,400.00  –  2400   £1,615.00

Hadrian         1800  £970.00  –  2100  £1,090.00  –  2400   £1,180.00  per bench

Hardwick       1800 £957.00   –  2100  £1,075.00

Bradbury        1800 £480.00  –  2100  £590.00

Prices include VAT      Delivery cost dependant on location.


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